The next chapter in the saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is on its way with Captain America: Civil War and while we’ve known who was on which side for some time now, the majority of the focus has been on Cap and Stark, the guys who are in charge. Now, the rest of the crew is finally getting their due attention. Each member who will be backing up Captain America now has his or her own poster. Take a look at each member of Team Cap, who will be fighting against government interference with the Avengers.

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Captain America
Obviously, we’re going to start at the top with the guy whose name is in the title of the movie, Captain America: Civil War. While Steve Rogers is the one that wears red, white, and blue, and you might think would be comfortable working alongside the government, he’s also had experience with large organizations not being everything that they claimed to be. With the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier likely fresh in his mind, he’s unwilling to accept government oversight.

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Bucky Barnes
What’s more, Cap's best friend since he was a kid, Bucky Barnes, has been accused of a terrorist act. Bucky claims innocence, and Captain America believes him, but few others appear to. This puts the two on the run from the rest of the heroes that we know, and at least one new entry. Cap and Bucky are not entirely alone however. They will have some help.

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