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Maybe the best part about Devil is that seeing the trailer on the big screen incurs a theater wide groan at the sight of M. Night Shyamalan’s name. At this point in his career, even though Devil wasn’t directed by him, having his name attached to anything could hurt it more than help it.

Fortunately, his name isn’t the only thing the film is relying on to sink itself before it even sets sail. This clip was released today over at Yahoo! Movies and although the idea behind Devil is interesting enough, in execution it seems as though it’ll be bland and full of the same old name calling and claustrophobia induced paranoia and hysteria that we’ve all seen dozens of times before. Specifically when Geoffrey Arend calls Bokeem Woodbine “bro” to which he very predictably replies, “I’m not your bro.”

Scope out the clip below and prepare yourself to be magnificently underwhelmed when the film drops in a couple weeks.

And just as a bit of nerd trivia: Geoffrey Arend, the kid best known for saying “The snozberries taste like snozberries” and licking windows in Super Troopers is married to Christina Hendricks, AKA Joan from Mad Men. So there is hope for us still. Seriously...

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