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Till now, Amanda Seyfried has made her way in this world by playing the good girl. In Mean Girls she was too dumb to be as mean as her friends, in Big Love she’s the daughter of polygamists who’s uncomfortable with their lifestyle, in Mamma Mia! she was the bubbly young bride, in Jennifer’s Body she’s the nerdy best friend. Chloe is her chance to break out of the good girl mold. It’s her Poison Ivy, her chance to play a prostitute who seduces a couple and, seemingly ruins their life.

We have six new clips from Chloe for you below. Watched in order they lay out how Chloe (Seyfried) becomes involved in the life of David (Liam Neeson) and Catherine (Julianne Moore). To find out where it goes from there, buy a ticket when Chloe hits limited release on March 26th. Watch:

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