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Killer Elite, opening September 23, offers a pretty irresistible chance to see three of cinema's best badasses facing off against each other. Jason Statham, Clive Owen (sporting a pretty terrifying mustache) and Robert De Niro wielding guns and occasionally kicking each other in the solar plexus in order to get revenge-- it's the stuff pretty much every great action movie is made of. The movie's latest trailer did a pretty good job of showing all the kicking, punching and taunting that will go into the movie, but we've also got a new clip that incorporates a little bit of parkour into the mix. Owen's character Spike, who has kidnapped Robert De Niro's character, is chasing Statham's character across city rooftops. This being Jason Statham, you know he's not going to make the chase an easy one. Take a look at the clip below.

Killer Elite will actually be premiering at the Toronto Film Festival next month before its September 23 release, which could mean it's got a little bit more quality than you average revenge action movie. But to be honest, even if it isn't it might not matter-- Statham and Owen are the kinds of actors who have a way of making just about anything worth watching, and it's a relief to at least see De Niro play a role that has nothing to do with the Fockers franchise. Even though the action sequences seem to largely be the Statham and Owen show, it's nice to at least know that, on some level, the man once known as Vito Corleone is someone to be terrified of.