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Here’s our first close-up look at Andrew Garfield’s full Spider-Man costume in action. Last week Sony released this official image of Peter Parker in his Spidey outfit, but left out his mask and, incidentally, his webshooters too. This new photo seems to confirm the speculation that Marc Webb's movie will have Spider-Man using mechanical webshooters.

Those little metal discs on Spidey's arms the first evidence of real departure from Sam Raimi’s vision for the character. Raimi ditched the mechanical webshooters traditional in the comics, in favor of giving Peter Parker organic web slinging ability. Webs simply sprouted out of his wrists. While fans originally resisted Raimi’s vision, after the first movie, everyone seemed to be on board. Now we’ll have to readjust all over again.

Here’s the full photo:

Click over to MTV, where the photo originated, for more details on what they saw.

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