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When it debuted at Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month, Cloud Atlas had half the critics loathing it, half of them adoring it-- and every single one of them talking about it. That's pretty much the best case scenario you can get for a movie trying to build up buzz, and maybe even better than universal praise. After all, the Wachowski siblings and Tom Tykwer have made a massive, ambitious, unabashedly sentimental movie, and risks are part of the territory-- if everyone was universally behind what they had done, maybe it wouldn't be risky enough after all.

But Cloud Atlas is nothing if not daring, and when it opens in theaters October 26, moviegoers everywhere will have a chance to experience the film for themselves-- and love it or hate it on their own terms. With that release date getting closer, Warner Bros. has released the first TV spot for Cloud Atlas, featuring quotes from some critics who, obviously, were as bowled over by the movie as I was. Take a look at the new spot below:

It's smart of them to focus the advertising around Tom Hanks and Halle Berry, since they are both the film's biggest stars and play many of the largest roles. But it's worth knowing that it's the ensemble that really makes the film, and actors you may not be all that familiar with-- like Doona Bae or James D'Arcy-- often make the biggest impact. If you don't think you want to see a movie about Tom Hanks and Halle Berry falling in love across the ages, don't worry, there's a whole lot more to it than that-- in fact, Cloud Atlas is such a big film, it makes room for just about every possible story you could want to see.

I've already seen Cloud Atlas, but I'm still looking forward to my second viewing of it more than most anything else this fall. Any of you out there as excited as I am?

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