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The fourth day of the Sundance film festival is over, and so the fourth day batch of videos has been released from the Sundance Channel, complete with interviews from great filmmakers like um… U2's The Edge. We at Cinema Blend still have absolutely no one there covering the festival, not because I like staying in Dallas (no one likes staying in Dallas) but because I can't afford the bagel prices on Robert Redford's movie ranch.

No Steve Carell this time, but a lot of talk on the subject of Leonard Cohen, who appears in a Sundance indie appropriately titled Leonard Cohen I'm Your Man. Also, they've some nice footage of Matt Dillon being honored by sunglasses. I guess for looking cool. He really is.

To find out what you missed at America's biggest movie festival on Day Four, click here to watch the fourth day 2006 Sundance Festival video recap.