Colin Hanks Is A Serial Killing Lottery Winner In The First Lucky Trailer

There isn't a soul alive that hasn't imagined how their world would change if they won the lottery. Whether you've dreamt about huge mansions, fast cars or exotic vacations, we've all wondered how that much money would change our lives. It's a bit different in the case of Colin Hanks' character in Lucky, however.

Yahoo! has posted the first trailer for the dark comedy, which also stars Ari Graynor, Ann-Margret, Jeffrey Tambor and Elizabeth Uhl. In the movie, Hanks plays Ben, a young man who one day discovers that he has won the lottery and that all of his dreams are coming true, including the fact that his long-time love is finally giving him some attention. The catch? Ben also happens to be a serial killer and with the money comes some unwanted attention.

Check out the trailer below or in HD over on Yahoo!

I love a good dark comedy and this movie really seems to have that spark. When you have an actor playing a charming secret serial killer it really helps to have someone who gives off that "nice" vibe, and what better direction to go than a direct descendant of Tom Hanks? It's the same reason why Dexter is such a successful show, and guess who is going to be featured next season? That's right: Colin Hanks. Lucky arrives in theaters on July 15.

Eric Eisenberg
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