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Comic Con 2011: Live Blogging The Underworld: Awakening Panel

There are movies out there that never even get a single sequel, but there are others that have legacies and fanbases larger than you can imagine. The Underworld franchise is one of them. Three movies having already been released, the fourth one has been through production and now the filmmakers and stars are here to give the folks at Comic Con the first look at the movie.

I’m here in Hall H all day live-blogging the proceedings and that continues now. Keep refreshing this page and I’ll tell you everything you want to know.

1:46: Cast and crew on stage! The production is currently in the middle of editing. About to show the footage!

1:48: Trailer was pretty cool. Kate Bekinsale in tight leather, good looking 3D, lots of neck-slicing, blood, and action. Crowd seems to enjoy it.

1:49: Bekinsale says the costume is fairly comfortable, except after lunch. Says it's a trip getting back in the same suit. Likens it to a giant condom.

1:50: Len Wiseman. confirms that there will be some anime shorts coming soon, possibly on the blu-ray boxset. Sadly no footage of that though...

1:53: Beckinsale says that one of the most challenging scenes was when she was sprinting, sliding on the floor, and slicing throats.

1:54: Theo James said he accidentally hit a stunt guy in the face with a shotgun, but there was no lasting damage. Michael Ealy wasn’t happy about getting his asskicked in the movie – that was tough for him.

1:55: Fan question slams Twilight hard, plenty of applause from the crowd. Talking about the origins of the story, which began kind of as a West Side Story version between werewolves and vampires.

1:57:Piece of advice given to Kate Bekinsale by Emma Thompson: “Don’t shit on anybody important”

1:59: Fan wonders why we didn’t see many Lycans in the trailer, but the panel says there are plenty of them in the film. Won’t be disappointed.

2:02: Kate Bekinsale doesn’t mind not being a glittery vampire, but one with a “shiny bottom”

2:02: While the franchise will never go to space (Len promises) they do have interesting ideas of where to go.

2:03: Selina has a daughter this time around, but Kate has been told not to say anything about it. Len calls it “an unknown daughter.”

2:03: Coming up next: Attack The Block! (in another article!)

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