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We thought it wasn't possible for there to be anything cuter than a bunch of kids dressed up as Iron Man, taking the stage on the Comic Con exhibit floor where the entire series of Iron Man suits-- including the newest armor from Iron Man 3. But just as Robert Downey Jr. makes every movie he's in better, he also improves photo ops, and as you can see below the gathering of the baby Iron Men got a whole lot more exciting when the man himself took the stage to join the kids.

Comic Con is crammed full of photo opportunities and people in wild costumes, as you can see in our costume gallery, but it's always special when the stars-- who often avoid the exhibit floor entirely-- get in on the fun. Take a look at the video below, and to read about the other moment that Downey Jr. dazzled a much bigger crowd, check out Eric's live blog of the Iron Man 3 panel that happened later that day. And for more looks at the adorable Iron Kids, check out the photo gallery at the bottom of this post!

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