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Robert Downey Jr. is a superstar pretty much anywhere, but that goes double at Comic Con, where the mere presence of Tony Stark can send a room into a tailspin-- watch what happened when he surprised a bunch of kids dressed as Iron Man for a perfect example. He was the big get on the red carpet that happened before Saturday's Iron Man 3 panel too, which of course, meant that his time was super-limited-- so limited that by the end we were all left to swarm him and hopefully capture a bit of him talking on video.

I'm not especially proud about being part of that swarm, but at least I did manage to be well-positioned to capture one great thing-- a surprise appearance from Zach Galifianakis, who was doing press alongside Will Ferrell for their comedy The Campaign. Galifianakis had just finished walking the carpet himself, but was somehow convinced to jump into the scrum and sneak up on his Due Date co-star Downey Jr. You can see how it all played out below, and for more on Downey Jr.'s appearance onstage in Hall H later that day, read Eric's full breakdown of the Marvel panel.

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