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IMAX, once thought of as a venue used primarily for nature films, has become the go to method for watching Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. Till now that’s mostly meant animated movies, wizards, superheroes, and movies with lots of explosions. But why not something a little quieter, more introspective? How about Where the Wild Things Are?

Our own Katey Rich just checked in with me from the San Diego Comic Con, where she’s been sitting sitting in on a presentation about the future of IMAX. That future includes Spike Jonze’s inevitably trippy movie based on the popular novel of the same name. Yep, Where the Wild Things Are will be available in stunning, eye-popping, aurally pleasing IMAX.

No confirmation yet on the film’s IMAX premiere date. However since the movie’s standard format release is October 16th and there’s not exactly a lot of IMAX competition around then, it’s reasonable to expect it in both traditional and IMAX theaters on October 16.

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