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Is Conan turning into a G.I. Joe sequel? Well, not really, but it did just recruit another Joe. We recently learned that Rachel Nichols, who plays Scarlett in G.I. Joe, signed on to play Tamara, a bodyguard of the Queen and Conan’s love interest. Now, according to THR, Breaker, Said Taghmaoui, is joining the cast as well.

He will play the leader of a group of thieves who are rescued by Conan (Jason Momoa) and, in return, offers Conan aid. Avatar’s Stephen Lang is confirmed to play the villain, “a ruler in search of a queen whose blood will bring life to the demonic minions of a long-lost god.” The article also puts an end to the potential of having Mickey Rourke play Conan’s father. Negotiations have broken down and the role is still available.

The folks at Nu Image/Millennium better get moving on that because filming kicks off this week in Bulgaria. It’s a little disappointing to hear Rourke didn’t take the role, but the cast is packed with potential keeping anticipation high. Hopefully the eagerness for more will be assuaged with some set photos as shooting gets underway.

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