If you have never heard of the web series/mashup Contagion, start here.

To get everyone up to speed, the notorious vampire murderer Blade has broken into the hospital in Forks, WA and brutally incinerated the fang-banger, Bella Swan. The murders have garnered the attention of Jack Bauer who watched as Bella burned and Blade escaped through the hospital’s window. But if he isn’t stopped, Blade’s reign of terror will continue, so Jack takes it upon himself to solve take him down.

In the latest installment, Jack assembles his crack team of supernatural investigators in the form of Mulder and Scully, and the young but experienced Winchester brothers. After Bella’s charred body wakes up and destroys a coroner, it is clear to Jack that he can’t handle this on his own.

The amazing series will continue on January 1, 2010 with part 4. I implore you to show this to your friends and spread the word and help get these videos some traction. The high quality of the editing, music, and effects is something Youtube rarely sees, and if we can push these videos into view than maybe people will start putting an effort into their work.

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