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Cruise Takes Lions For Lambs

Tom Cruise's new company, the back from the grave studio United Artists, isn't wasting any time in ramping up. They've already got a movie under way, directed by Robert Redford and starring Tom Cruise. This ain't The Weinstein Company folks. No crappy Hoodwinkeds for them.

The movie is a drama called Lions for Lambs, and Redford and Meryl Streep will co-star. Written by Matthew Carnahan, the film weaves together three interconnected storylines. In one Cruise plays a congressman dealing with a journalist played by Streep. In another, Redford plays an idealistic professor trying to inspire rich snobby students. In the third, one of Redford's former students is one of two American soldiers wounded in enemy territory.

Just about anything directed by Redford is usually worth a look, though I think we're all feeling kind of burned out on the whole separate but interconnected story thing. It's getting overused. Give me a nice, linear story Hollywood. Crash was fantastic, but we don’t need hundreds of Crash copies.