DC Met With Deadpool Director Tim Miller For One Of Its Edgier Comic-Book Films

Now that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has done the legwork towards establishing the greater DCEU, we as fans have begun to speculate on the types of DC comic movies that may occur in the future. One character that we have always wanted to see on the silver screen is intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo. He’s crude, he’s crass, he’s undeniably badass, and as it turns out: he almost got a movie of his very own years ago. Deadpool director Tim Miller has just revealed new details about the Lobo movie that never materialized, and that he actually met with DC before the project went on ice.

During a recent press event for Deadpool, Hitfix sat down with director Tim Miller, who admitted that he had a meeting with DC years ago about potentially working on a Lobo film:

I met on… Lobo two, three years ago. They had a script then. So it's not like -- and I think they even did a test for it early on.

So while a Lobo movie never came together, DC apparently had a vested interest in getting one off the ground a few years ago. They brought Tim Miller in and talked with him about the project, but in the end nothing substantial ever came of it. He would go on to claim that he doesn’t have any hard feelings towards DC because he understands in a pre-Deadpool world any member of the Hollywood community would have considered his take on Lobo to be an incredibly dangerous potential investment.

Considering the immense critical success of Tim Miller’s Deadpool, it makes sense that DC has a renewed interest in taking another run at Lobo. Now it's just a matter of whether or not they will call on Tim Miller for the job. He brought a completely irreverent and unhinged sensibility to February’s Deadpool, and that movie has gone on to become the highest grossing R-rated film of all time. Although his presence on the Lobo film doesn’t inherently guarantee that the DC anti-hero will attain the same level of critical success as the Merc with the Mouth, it would most certainly bode well for the movie’s chances.

You can check out exactly what Tim Miller had to say regarding the subject in the clip below:

Honestly, even if Tim Miller doesn’t work on the project, we still want Lobo to grace the silver screen as soon as possible. Much like Suicide Squad, he’s exactly what the overly grim DCEU needs right now. We here at Cinema Blend pretty much universally loved Deadpool, so if Tim Miller decides he wants to get on board with a potential Lobo movie, then we will support him every step of the way. Until then, we will continue sitting here waiting patiently for Deadpool 2 to blast its way into theaters.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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