DC Uses Batman To Tease Big Announcement, Probably About LEGO Movie

It was thanks to their long partnership with DC Comics that Warner Bros. was able to use the company's famed superhero characters in last year's The LEGO Movie - and it seems that partnership has paid off for the studio once again. As seen below, the company has posted an interesting teaser featuring Batman - and it hints at a big announcement coming tomorrow.

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This post, which comes to us from DC Comics' Instagram feed, is purposefully vague, but there are clues present that suggest that what's coming tomorrow is news about the future of the LEGO Movie franchise - beyond the fact that the central figure is clearly LEGO Batman. For starters, the idea of "breaking the rules" was kind of a central theme throughout the first LEGO Movie, and the caption "Tomorrow, get ready to wing it," is clearly a reference to one of the character's most famous lines. But that's not all...

As it turns out, on Monday the official Hobbit Twitter page posted this teaser:

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And then yesterday the official LEGO Movie Facebook put up this message featuring an image of Wyldstyle a.k.a. Lucy (you can see the coloring in her hair).

2 Days. It'll be like Taco Tuesday... but on a Thursday. #BreakTheRulesPosted by The LEGO Movie on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

So what does this mean? It can't be said for certain, but it sounds like we will soon be getting some sort of announcement about The LEGO Movie 2. Currently, the film is dated for May 26, 2017, but maybe this could be a title reveal? Or maybe they are going to officially tell us who from the original cast will be coming back from the first movie, and what new characters/actors we can expect to be introduced. There's also the possibility that the news will actually be about a different LEGO project, as Warner Bros. is also currently working on a solo LEGO Batman film, and also have a Ninjago spin-off as well.

Whatever winds up being announced, you can be sure that we will have coverage of it here on Cinema Blend. In the meantime, what do you think is going to be announced/revealed? What are you hoping for? Hit the comments section below with your thoughts!

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