Dan Aykroyd Asks Bill Murray To Stop Being A Jerk About Ghostbusters 3

Despite constant rumors to the contrary, there's still been no progress on getting a Ghostbusters 3 actually made, with directors shuffling in and out and the script getting rewritten and, oh yeah, the original Ghostbusters balking at every turn. While Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis always seem happy to suit up for another go-round, the sticking point has always been Bill Murray, a guy who has been more of a professional pain in the ass than an actor for the last decade. (Hey, more power to him. He's earned the right to ignore us)

Now gossip of Murray's stubbornness has reached so far as a segment on the Howard Stern show. As recapped by Bloody Disgusting, National Enquirer gossip columnist Mike Walker visited Howard Stern and updated him on the behind-the-scenes drama of Ghostbusters 3:

"Dan Aykroyd called 'ol pal and Ghostbusters co-star Bill Murry and snarled 'stop acting like a jerk', " Walker reported. "Murray, despite agreeing to doing the film, has suddenly turned so cranky and mean [that] he refuses to answer phone calls."

Personally if Dan Aykroyd called me up, I'd do whatever he asked, but I understand that's not how Murray's mind operates. Since he's apparently gotten his wish to appear only as a ghost in the film, it's hard to imagine what the hold up is except Murray just dreading the inevitable. Given that we don't even know who will play the new generation of 'busters, I don't think Murray is the only thing holding the movie up.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend