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Danny Boyle's Trance Gets A Hardcore Red Band Trailer

The new red band trailer for Academy Award winner Danny Boyle's Trance is a pretty brutal affair. The intensity skyrockets when we watch Vincent Cassel pull out James McAvoy's finger nails, and only gets more insane from there as the editing becomes more erratic and the number of violent images increases. But as crazy and twisted as it is, I guarantee that nothing will prepare you for for the final moments.

The brand new restricted preview has been posted over on Yahoo!, and you can watch it below.

Okay, so perhaps its not as gory and horrific as the red band Evil Dead trailer that came around early last month, but can you honestly tell me that you expected the last shot before the title card to be an image of Cassell missing the top half of his face and still talking? Obviously it's just a vision within McAvoy's mind while under hypnosis, but that's just the kind of crazy shit that will guarantee my $10 at the box office.

Boyle's first film since 127 Hours in 2010, Trance centers on an art auctioneer named Simon (McAvoy) who becomes embroiled with a group of criminals executing the heist of a valuable piece of art. But when the painting goes missing and Simon's life is threatened, he turns to a hypnotherapist (Rosario Dawson) to try and help him remember the artwork's location. The movie will be getting a limited release here in the United States on April 5th and you can find out more about it in our Blend Film Database.

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