At this point, you're either going to see The Dark Knight Rises or you're not-- and if you're not, you're probably from some strange breed of human or trapped in a basement somewhere, because it seems impossible right now that anyone can miss it. Even people who go to the movies once a year are planning to see it. Even people who don't really like superhero movies are planning to see it. The conclusion to Christopher Nolan's trilogy of Batman films is by far the most anticipated upcoming movie, and with the release date coming fast on July 20, there's not really much more to see before you see the movie itself. Or is there?

Xfinity has debuted a new trailer for the film, that actually takes the interesting step of linking up the previous two films -- you see Harvey Dent and Alfred's early lessons to young Master Bruce before you ever get to Bane and Catwoman. The file isn't embeddable, so you'll have to click on the image below to take a look.

It's funny how just a slight change from the norm-- in this case, looping in footage from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight-- can make you so much more excited for a movie. I've been anticipating The Dark Knight Rises as much as anyone, but I wasn't obsessing over it the way a lot of people do, or having an emotional response to the trailers we've seen so far. But this trailer really hammers home that this is the conclusion of a massive story, and reminds me of all the experiences I've had watching the other Batman movies that led us to this point. It may not show us a whole lot of the new film, but it's a strong reminder of the arc of the story, and that's almost more interesting to see at this point.

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