Here in the United States, The Avengers is the runaway box office hit of the year, having made nearly $200 million more than its nearest competition, The Dark Knight Rises. But across the pond in the United Kingdom-- where maybe they're just less interested in a movie that stars a guy named Captain America-- the roles are directly reversed. Last weekend The Dark Knight Rises became the year's highest-grossing film in the United Kingdom, spending its sixth straight weekend at #1 in the country.

According to the film website Flicks and Bits, The Dark Knight Rises made an estimated $15.3 million overseas last weekend, which pushed up the film's UK haul to $82.1 million-- just ahead of The Avengers's $80.56, and likely to expand that lead in the coming weeks. The global tallies for both films, though, remain quite different-- while The Dark Knight Rises has made a damn impressive $941 million worldwide, The Avengers is well ahead of it with $1.491 million, a huge number that any film this year would be lucky to meet. Right now The Dark Knight Rises also remains behind the overall tally of The Dark Knight, which eventually made $1 billion worldwide-- even without the IMAX surcharge that The Dark Knight Rises is enjoying.

With summer wrapping up it's abundantly clear that The Avengers is the big winner domestically, but it's interesting to see how things can be changed up in other countries. For one more example, take a look at what's happening over in China-- both The Dark Knight RisesThe Amazing Spider-Man just opened there, and according to The LA Times, Spidey had no trouble beating Bats.

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