Though Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises remains more than a year away, two items crossed our desk this weekend that continued to stoke the fires of publicity and even ignite a little controversy.

The first has to do with a fan-shot, bootleg video of what many believe is the first official teaser for Nolan’s Knight. The clip promises that, “The storm is coming to Gotham.” We’ve posted it below.

The only problem is that The Hollywood Reporter, perhaps in an effort to stir up a little chatter, says the clip “has many fans debating whether it’s real or not.” The clip looks official enough to me. By using a fiery red color palette, it appears that Nolan is distancing himself from the icy blues of the Dark Knight promos. I’m not sure what the “storm” reference is, but the grainy image of the bats fluttering across the screen reminded me of Batman Begins. I guess until Warner confirms or denies, even as this site claims it’s fake, we are free to speculate.

We’re also free to speculate on what might be next, and if we believe the guys over at JoBlo (and why wouldn’t we?), then Catwoman will be the subject of the next viral campaign. Tweeting over the weekend, JoBlo said, “Hearing the next phase of the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ viral campaign will launch soon and reveal the first look at Catwoman.”

Think it will be tied to Comic-Con in July? That’s when Warner stormed San Diego with Joker clones and started one of the first viral campaigns on behalf of a Batman movie. Needless to say, as soon as it begins, we’ll be all over it. I’m anxious to see how Anne Hathaway looks in her suit, and if it will be reminiscent of the design currently being used in the anticipated Arkham City video game.

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