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All of the viral gaming recently restarted again on the Dark Knight site WhySoSerious had everyone speculating that we might get a new trailer for the film on Monday. Well it’s 1:46 AM Tuesday… and still no trailer… at least not officially.

However, early in the day Monday there were rumors that the viral game being played by Batman fans with a lot of time on their hands might actually be leading them to movie theaters in various cities across the country, where they would be shown the trailer ahead of the rest of us. Though I’ve also heard from others that all it lead to was a raffle where most people went away empty handed, it looks like at least some folks actually did make it to see the trailer at the end of the rainbow.

That trailer is now, of course, online in really crummy, bootlegged, taken with a cell phone, format. It probably won’t be up very long, but if you’re luck, you’ll click on the embed below and see what there is to see of the newest trailer for The Dark Knight:

And on a side note, kudos to the WB for actually delivering something fun for all the folks running around playing these viral games for them. Some of the previous games never quite seemed to pay off in any substantial way, but actually gathering fans together in movie theaters like this is at least something. I hope those of you who went through all the trouble necessary to be there also got some sort of hat, or at least a keychain or maybe an "I found The Dark Knight trailer!" t-shirt or something. Warner Brothers owes you.