Darren Aronofsky Adds Nick Nolte To Noah

Seeing as how Darren Aronofsky’s Biblical drama Noah is due in theaters in weeks, the idea that he’s "adding" cast members at such a late stage is mildly concerning. Sure, directors work right up until the last minute on effects-driven features, and you’d expect to hear that special effects wizards are perfecting Aronofsky’s flood waters right up until the film needs to be screened for press or delivered to theaters.

Instead, the Black Swan and The Wrestler director shared on Twitter that he "just added the legend Nick Nolte as the watcher samyaza" in the upcoming film. Check it out.

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Flattering photo of Nolte. He looks thrilled. Better than his mug shot, mind you, but still… he couldn’t smile for his A-list director?

The strange part is that Noah star Russell Crowe Tweeted on January 9 that he saw Noah, and it hit him very hard. Was Nolte in his cut of the film? Will Nolte be digitally added after the fact?

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Samyaza, according to the Book of Enoch, belonged to a band of angels known as the Watchers. There are some who associate him as Satan, for it was believed to be his judgment against mankind that led to the Great Flood which affects Noah and his family. This might mean that Nolte is just lending his voice to a digital angel character.

This also means that Nolte will be replacing Breaking Bad co-star Mark Margolis, who originally held the role. The former Tio Salamanca had the part back in 2012. What happened?

Aronofsky is putting the finishing touches on Noah, which is due in theaters on March 28. If you missed the latest trailer, we have it below. Hopefully a new one will drop soon, maybe with Nolte’s voice front and center.

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