UPDATE: Duchovny's publicist has contacted us with the following correction: "David did not say that a script was in process or that the movie was just waiting for a go-ahead from the studio. He is very proud of the work on the the first 2 films and would be happy to work again with Chris and Gillian, but the comments attributed to him in the article are not accurate." Blame it on a translation problem, and sorry for raising anyone's hopes without reason.

I recently had a conversation with one of my friends about the upcoming Bones spin-off. She asked me if anyone had been cast yet, and when I said no, she offered David Duchovny. Her reasoning: "God stopped making men that talented or handsome a long time ago." Sadly, I don’t really see Duchovny leaving Showtime or Hollywood for a Fox crime-solving show anytime soon, but if the third X-Files ever moves forward, you can certainly count on him being there.

According to TVMag, a third movie may not be as far off as many have speculated. My French is a little suspect, but in the interview, David Duchovny reveals a third installment is being written, and they’re all pretty much just waiting on a go-ahead from Fox. If it ever does happen, Duchovny says the franchise will shoot a little closer to its roots, with the main plot involving some sort of government conspiracy. Sounds about right.

It’s been almost twenty years since the X-Files first debuted, but still its fan base remains ravenous for more. Unfortunately, with grosses of the second film flatlining at less than seventy million, those clamoring for a third round might be out of luck. Still, with Duchovny’s support and a script that caters to what made the show so awesome, it’s hard to think at some point this won’t be given the thumbs up.

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