You know simply from the bare details whether or not you are going to see Safe House. it's a thriller starring Denzel Washington as a CIA agent gone rogue, held in a safe house by one of the good guys, Ryan Reynolds. There will be mayhem and explosions and threats along the lines of "They're here for me, but they want me alive. You don't kill." There is a character named Tobin Frost. You know how this movie goes, and odds are you'll enjoy it, but why don't you check out the brand new trailer below just to be sure. You can watch it in HD at Apple or embedded below.

Vera Farmiga is also in this movie, doing the same "stern officer" thing she was doing in Source Code, and I imagine for an equally sized paycheck. But beyond the blatant waste of one of our most talented actresses, this looks like a moderate amount of fun, from Ryan Reynolds looking all bewildered to Brendan Gleeson barking into a phone to Denzel Washington going villainous for the first time since, what, American Gangster? He's really good at turning his famous confident smile into something malicious and terrifying, and it's nice to see him willing to do it again. Maybe his sly attitude will bring out some more interesting heroics from Ryan Reynolds than we saw in Green Lantern.

Safe House is due in theaters on February 10 next year from director Daniel Espinosa, director of the slick Swedish thriller Snabba Cash. Hopefully it provides a lot of the good stuff evident in the trailer, and not as much of the potentially generic stuff.

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