The trailers for Devil have M. Night Shyamalan’s name all over them, but don’t let that scare you off. He didn’t direct it or write it. Brian Nelson, who wrote Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night, came up with the screenplay and it was directed by The Dowdle Brothers. There’s a chance here, a small one, that it could be good.

The premise is pretty simple. Five people are trapped in an elevator. One of them is the devil. Which one? It’s probably not the hot chick, as you’ll see established pretty well in the four new Devil clips below. My money’s on the old woman. She looks like she’s up to no good.
Here’s the aftermath of the big moment in the trailer, where the obligatory hot chick is given a reason to start stripping down when something “bites” her. Of course there’s nothing in the elevator which could have bitten her, so the other elevator occupants turn on each other, and the accusations start flying.

Early attempts to pry the elevator doors open with brute strength prove unsuccessful. Probably because the Devil is holding them closed. He’s pretty strong.

Elevator lights start flashing on and off and the obligatory hot chick starts hallucinating that everyone in the elevator with her has been turned to ash. Does this mean we can cross her off the list of potential “secretly Satan” suspects?

In this scene the movie stops down to establish one of the characters outside the elevator as a hard-bitten atheist, so that later it can condescend to him when Satan turns out to be real and walking the Earth. Note: This never works the other way around. You’ll never see a movie in which the film establishes a character as superstitious, only to have them wake up from their religious fervor at the end of the film and acknowledge that they don’t believe in fairies at the end.

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