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Diablo Cody Does Playboy

Say what you want about Diablo Cody’s screenwriting ability but there’s no denying that, having spent some time as a stripper, she knows a thing or two about nookie girls. So maybe it makes a certain amount of sense that she might end up writing Brian Grazer’s long gestating Playboy movie.

The news seems to have come straight from the Hef himself, who, it appears is using Twitter. There’s a catch though. The account is not a Verified account so theoretically I suppose it could be some 12-year-old boy with a fetish for smoking jackets. Yeah, it’s probably Hugh. And if it is Hugh (or someone Twittering with his approval) then here’s what he tweeted yesterday: “Meeting with Diablo Cody to talk about the Brian Grazer Playboy film today.”

So maybe Jennifer’s Body was kind of a flop. Diablo’s got a couple more of those in her before it’ll hurt her demand. Besides, I sort of like the idea of a Playboy movie being written by a woman with some insight into the being ogled by men business, and it’s not like any of the Bunnies can type… or read… or pass a driving test for that matter.