Did Bansky Finally Get Photographed?

Leading up to the Oscars, a fair bit of coverage was devoted to questions of whether reclusive artist and Exit Through The Gift Shop director Banksy would show up for the Academy Awards. At one point, there were even rumors he'd arrive in costume, but the ceremony came and went without sighting. How someone in this day and age could avoid photograph for so long is anyone's guess, but a slew of pictures purporting to be of the never before seen graffiti artist have just been published. Is this really Banksy?

According to The Daily Mail, there is some evidence these may in fact be him. The man pictured carries with him a camera, a known Banksy staple, something he admitted in his book is always on him. In addition, several murals have also appeared in the same Los Angeles area recently, attributed to the recluse. He's definitely been active in the location, the question is whether he was responsible for this particular piece. The work in question saw this stranger with a green hat paint “This looks a bit like an elephant” on a worn down industrial container.

At this juncture, we really have no way of knowing whether this was in fact Banksy. Head over to The Daily Mail to see the rest of the pictures and decide for yourself.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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