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Seth Rogen has never really been shy about his appreciation for marijuana. In fact, it’s become a common thread throughout his career, and regularly pops up in the cinematic adventures that he both stars in and writes with his partner Evan Goldberg. As such, the idea of him smoking up while working on his movies isn’t an outrageous idea – but if new rumors are to be believed, it may have had a bit of an effect on his environment. This is because it’s now being reported that his office at Sony was so pungent with the smell of pot that outgoing president Amy Pascal has had to delay moving into the same space.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Pascal is currently transitioning from her former position as Sony Pictures’ co-head of studio to an on-the-lot producer. In order for Amy Pascal to do this job to the best of her abilities, she has picked out a lovely new office that will soon become her home away from home. But before she can load her office with pictures of her loved ones and scripts that she will ultimately decide the fate of, she has allegedly requested that it be repainted because the smell of marijuana is too much. This has apparently led to an issue, because studio's cleaners are finding it quite difficult to remove the smell. In fact, rather than simply needing to be given the once over by an efficient cleaner, apparently the place needs to be repainted.

There are conflicting reports about this one, however, as even one of the Hollywood Reporter’s own sources looked to downplay the entire incident. They insisted that rather than being because of Rogen and Goldberg’s overwhelming pot odor, Pascal simply wanted to give the space her own look and feel. What’s more, they added that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg weren’t in the office "long enough to cause permanent damage."

That source wasn’t the only one denying the truth in the rumor either. After this story emerged, Seth Rogen took to his Instagram account to completely deny the report, while also lambasting the Hollywood Reporter for labelling his pot’s smell as a "stench."

Amy Pascal has a four-year deal with Sony, which means she will be spending the foreseeable future in the office - so she might as well paint the walls in the color she desires, regardless of what happened during the previous tenants’ residence. And as she’s the person who will be working alongside Marvel to reboot Spider-Man, I hope that she’d go for a blue and red coloring just prove just how dedicated she is to the franchise.

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