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Diddy Sets Joaquin Straight In I'm Still Here Clip

A story came out yesterday in which Casey Affleck, director of the Joaquin Phoenix documentary I'm Still Here, defended that most of his film is real, but there is a scene with Sean "Diddy" Combs that is set up, Affleck saying, "The role that (Combs) played in Joaquin's life was to be the bearer of bad news. He was the hammer that crushed the dream. All of that is a little bit of an act." The admission, of course, casts questions as to what else is real in the film (if they can fake that, what else can they fake?), but those questions are for the viewer to answer.

Meanwhile, Magnolia has sent over the clip in question in which we see Phoenix drive to a meeting with Diddy, who proceeds to shut him down, saying that he doesn't have the resources to start a career in music. The whole thing does feel staged and forced, but, at the same time, makes me wonder if that same feeling would exist if the truth hadn't already come out.

Check out the clip below.

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