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While everyone’s looking forward to seeing Gemma Arterton in Clash of the Titans, a trailer for a far lesser known film has popped up, The Disappearance of Alice Creed. The film is J Blakeson’s feature debut and stars Arterton as a young woman kidnapped and held for ransom at her millionaire father’s expense. At first she’s terrified of her captors, two ex-cons, Vic and Danny (Eddie Marsan and Martin Compston), but soon realizes that she’s going to need to fight back in order to survive.

The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival to positive reviews. Anchor Bay picked up the domestic distribution rights and has set the flick for a limited release on June 11th. There’s no doubt that after viewing this international trailer (via Trailer-Addict), you’ll be itching to check it out. It’s clearly a thriller packed with suspense and multiple twists. On top of that, Marsan makes for a seriously evil villain.

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