After the success of Pirates of the Caribbean it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Disney would continue to mine its theme park for more movie ideas. This time, the famous Matterhorn ride is inspiration for the next theme park adaptation and will mark the feature debut of acclaimed commercial and music video director Brian Beletic. The film is currently sporting the handle Untitled Explorers Project and will follow a group of young “super adventure/explorers” who are flown to the the Pennine Alps to, uh, perform extreme sports?

That’s basically all the story details provided in the Deadline article that broke the news, but I would assume that the Jason Dean Hall script has them brought to the remote mountain range to compete in some kind of survival race or perhaps even some espionage a la XXX. You know, an actual story. The extreme sports genre hasn’t exactly had he best track record but Disney was smart enough to bring in Brain Farm Cinema - the production company that made the snowboarding film Art Of Flight) - to consult, ensuring that at least the action footage will be accurate and impressive. Not to mention that Beletic’s work is also pretty rad. Here’s a look at his Nike commercial The Human Chain

Entourage was definitely the first thing that came to mind with this news. You know what would be worse than getting the much talked about Entourage film? Getting an adaptation of one of the television series’ fake movies, especially if they went ahead with Matterhorn, the script so bad that even Vincent Chase refused to star.

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