The first time I saw the trailer for Dylan Dog, an adaptation of the beloved Louisiana set vampires/zombies/werewolves/humans comic book, I couldn't have been less down. The tone just seemed all wrong, goofy and full of Taye Diggs. Fortunately, this Italian-language offering is something else entirely. Yeah, the clip contains a lot of the same, but it all seems less cheesy in a foreign language. The threat of monsters is a universal epidemic.

If you haven't watched the English language clip we posted this past summer, do yourself a favor and watch this one first. It all seems more horrifying in Italian. Had I known nothing before I watched this clip, I probably would have seen this film. Check out the trailer via Bad Taste below and have a look for yourself. Then watch the English version linked above and compare.

Someday Brandon Routh is going to make great movies. He was the least of Superman's problems. He and Justin Long were the best part of Zack And Miri, and on Chuck, he more than held his own. Unfortunately, I don't think Dylan Dog will be that great movie. That is unless it's released in Italian without subtitles.

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