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The Ebola Zombies Trailer Delivers Exactly What You'd Expect

It was inevitable that a movie like this would be heading our way after the widespread fear over Ebola, and our long-running love of the undead. I would like to present to you the trailer for the forthcoming film, Ebola Zombies. Please enjoy.

This trailer is awesomely bad horror movie gold, and delivers everything you could ever require of an awesomely bad horror movie trailer.


Ebola Zombies


Ebola Zombies

And karate (because obviously).

Ebola Zombies

In short, it looks like this movie might not be the next 28 Days Later or even the next Shaun of the Dead, but I think Ebola Zombies does have a chance to be a ton of fun for fans of crazy horror films. According to IMBD, this film centers around a group of thieves who are in the middle of pulling off a jewelry heist. When they break into an industrial complex, they inadvertently discover a super-secret laboratory that is performing experiments with with SARS and Ebola on stolen cadavers. Of course, as the rules of horror film dictate, all illegal, immoral scientific experiments must end in utter chaos. So naturally, all of the cadavers come to life as blood-thirsty zombies.

You’ve gotta give props to the filmmakers behind this movie. Ebola Zombies, written and directed by Samuel Leong, has managed to put a timely fear of Ebola (so timely, in fact, that the film was apparently originally called SARS Zombie until the big Ebola scare), our love of zombies, and add a nod to fans of karate films and heist movies, and smush it all into one insane-looking film. Sadly, you’ll have to wait a bit before you can get your hands on some Ebola Zombies. The film, originally released in Hong Kong, is not going to release in the US until next year.