Ed Helms' Hangover Part II Stunt Double Suing Warner Bros.

Yet another lawsuit is being filed against Warner Bros. on behalf of Todd Phillips’ lucrative Hangover sequel. Instead of facial tattoos, this one pertains to brain injuries sustained by a stunt double during one of the film’s automobile chase sequences.

Scott McLean was standing in for Ed Helms while Phillips filmed in Bangkok, Thailand for a scene that required the stunt double to hang out of a window, The Hollywood Reporter writes. Perhaps it's the scene where Helms’ character is attempting to pull the drug-peddling monkey back into a speeding car? Either way, a production source tells the trade that the car McLean was riding in collided with a car heading in the opposite direction, and the stunt man is claiming that a miscommunication led to the accident.

The plaintiff says the film’s stunt coordinator, co-defendant Russell Solberg, ordered the driver of McLean’s car to speed up their vehicle "to a speed unsafe for the stunt, thus resulting in a major collision." That introduces the possible of human error, hence the lawsuit.

McLean was airlifted to Australia, where he has remained in a hospital or rehabilitation center since. He faces "likely permanent brain damage and physical injuries," according to reps. Warners, meanwhile, has said in a statement that the studio is "shocked and saddened by this accident and [has] been working closely with Scott and his family throughout his treatment and recovery."

In June, Warner settled a separate lawsuit from the artist who designed Mike Tyson’s facial tattoo, claiming copyright infringement. But this lawsuit seems far more serious than ink on an actor’s face. The Hangover Part II has earned Warner $581.3 million worldwide. By the time all of the lawsuits are settled that number may go down.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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