In what sounds like the cinematic equivalent of a supergroup, Paramount Pictures has managed to bring J.J. Abrams, Edgar Wright and Mark Protosevich together for an upcoming science fiction project. The film will be called Collider but beyond that, and the talented crew behind it, there is very little known about the project at this point. Of course, with Abrams' Bad Robot producing, it's no surprise that few details accompanied Deadline's announcement but even knowing virtually nothing, it's still exciting news.

The article suggests that Wright would not only co-write with Protosevich and and co-produce with Abrams - with the former's Big Talk Productions (complete with Nira Park) partnering with Bad Robot - but that the Scott Pilgrim filmmaker would also direct. And hey, I'm obviously in favor of Edgar Wright directing everything but with the final installment in the 'The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy,' The World's End already on deck with Marvel's Ant-Man apparently to follow, that leaves little time for Collider in the near future. Perhaps another all-star 'geek' director is ready to join the supergroup?

For those unfamiliar with screenwriter Protosevich's work, his previous credits include Tarsem's The Cell, Francis Lawrence's I am Legend as well as work on the Mass Effect video game series. The writer's also got the American remake of Oldboy (directed by Spike Lee) and Jurassic Park IV on the way. As for Abrams, he's busy with his Star Trek sequel as well as producing a ton of television under the Bad Robot banner. Amidst all the secrecy, one thing I'm wiling to put money on is that Simon Pegg shows up in Collider at some point. Any takers?

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