Edward Zwick Will No Longer Build The Great Wall

Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington in Glory
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The Great Wall seemed like a project tailor fit for director Edward Zwick. Throughout his career the filmmaker has made movies about other races and nationalities through the eyes of white people, such as Glory and The Last Samurai, and The Great Wall is set to do the same, telling the story of how China's most famous landmark was built, but, again, through the eyes of a white guy. While that story may eventually be told, it now looks as though it will not be Zwick telling it.

According to Deadline, the Oscar winning filmmaker has decided to drop out of The Great Wall. While no reason is given for Zwick's departure, the movie has been experiencing issues and delays due to weather and funding not coming together as quickly as anticipated. The project already has a stellar cast that includes Benjamin Walker - seen this past summer in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - as well as Man of Steel's Henry Cavill and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon's Zhang Ziyi and apparently is still looking to get production going early in 2013.

Based on a story by Thomas Tull (CEO of Legendary Pictures) and Max Brooks (author of World War Z), the story will follow a group of British soldiers who travel to China during the construction of the Great Wall. When night falls, however, they discover that the Chinese people aren't only trying to keep out the invading Mongol forces, but also "something inhuman and more dangerous." The movie will be the first to be produced by Legendary East, which is the the new company founded by Tull that is based in Hong Kong.

If they want to keep the project on track the studio will likely have to find a replacement quickly. Based on what we know about the project, who do you think should replace Zwick as director?

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