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Here’s a new poster for Super, the latest movie from director James Gunn. It’s another attempt to take the superhero genre in a skewed direction. Matthew Vaughn tried something similar last year in Kick-Ass and, despite a lot of pre-release buzz, managed only mixed results at the box office. Super steps into the arena with considerably less fanboy buzz, but with the backing of IFC and a limited release which probably suits this sort of superhero subject matter far better than the overwhelming marketing blitz attempted with Kick-Ass.

Here’s the new poster, featuring the Rainn Wilson character’s superhero sidekick, Boltie, played in the film by Ellen Page.

The tagline coming out of Boltie's mouth in the poster may sound familiar to fans of Kick-Ass. Red Mist says it when he meets up with Kick-Ass in the film. The similarity is probably unintentional, but here's a clip of Red Mist using the same line right here.

Super is a dark comedy starring Rainn Wilson as a loser whose wife (played by Liv Tyler) runs off with a drug-dealer. As a way to cope, he puts on a red suit and starts calling himself the Crimson Bolt. Crimson sets out to rid the streets of crime using some of the most violent methods imaginable with a wrench.