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While The Amazing Spider-Man wasn't a great movie, it did have a lot working for it, and certainly one of those things was Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy. In addition to being a better chemistry match with Andrew Garfield than Kirsten Dunst was with Tobey Maguire in the Sam Raimi movies, Stone brought an interesting strength and independence to her character. We look forward to seeing her reprise the role in the sequel, but between now and then she may be taking part in a new project with a terrific director.

Deadline reports that Stone is set to play the female lead in the next Cameron Crowe movie. While the website doesn't give the movie a title or a plot description, it is said that it's a "two-hander" (Hollywood term for a project with two central leads) and that she will be partnered opposite a man - though he has not been cast yet. The tone is said to be closer to Crowe classics such as Almost Famous and Jerry Maguire. Scott Rudin will produce the movie, Crowe has already written the script, and Sony Pictures has made a deal to acquire and distribute it. The love story will start up production in the spring.

Stone's next film, Gangster Squad, was originally going to be released on September 7th, but due to the shooting in Aurora, Colorado a couple weeks ago Warner Bros. has opted to do some reshoots and will instead release the film next January. The actress also plays a role in one segment of the upcoming Movie 43 and voices the character Eep in the animated film The Croods.

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