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Emma Watson Shares A Shot Of Bling Ring Costume

Looking to rock the goody two-shoes image she has solidified in the course of a decade playing Hermione Granger, Harry Potter star Emma Watson signed on to front Sophia Coppola's upcoming Bling Ring, which tells the shocking, true story of teen girls who robbed Hollywood celebs of millions in cash and jewelry. Last month, we showed you come surreptitious shots of Watson in one of her Bling Ring costumes, and now the chic starlet has revealed a sneak peek of her character to her Twitter following:

The caption for this make-up room shot reads "Twitterers meet Nicki, Nicki meet twitterers : ) @blingringmovie."

While it's hard to imagine the oft-flawless fashionista being caught on camera in a such a tacky track suit and battered UGGS, it seems that style statement suits Nicki just fine. And from the look on her face, she doesn't care what you think about it. While this shot does hint once more to the attitude and questionable fashion sense of Watson's Bling Ring member, another eye-catching similarity to the previous shots are the applied tattoos. Apparently, Nicki likes ink, not just on her lower back but also on her hip, left forearm and right bicep. It's too soon to know what Coppola's Bling Ring will have in store, but its clear from these shots that Watson will be showing some range in this one.

Bling Ring has recently wrapped, and Watson has moved on to duck in on the production of Seth Rogen's directorial debut The End of the World, which he helms with his Superbad collaborator Evan Goldberg. The action-comedy is set in Hollywood during the apocalypse, and will feature a number of the Apatow mafia (including Rogen, James Franco, and Jay Baruchel) playing themselves. Watson is rumored to also make a self-mocking cameo, which immediately makes me wonder how she'd handle the end of the world. My bet is with an enviably regal poise.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.