Though they've only been out a few years, there are people out there who have grown up reading The Hunger Games books, which makes this Friday's release of the movie a childhood dream come to life. In related news, yes, you are old. But coming up on the horizon is another adaptation of a young adult book, this one a touchstone for multiple generations of budding sci-fi geeks or just fans of really good stories. After years of rumors, a movie version of Ender's Game is now in production, with Hugo's Asa Butterfield in the title role, and a cast backing him up that includes Hailee Steinfeld, Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley, Viola Davis and Abigail Breslin-- literally all of them Academy Award nominees.

With production ongoing it'll be a while before we see any trailers or official images, but the film's producer Roberto Orci has opened up what might be the best thing we get in the meantime-- a production blog. At the Tumblr Ender's Game blog you'll be able to follow updates from the set, from both Orci and guest bloggers, and presumably photos too. Right now there's just one image up, and while it's not especially thrilling, it's worth sharing anyway.

The rest of the post is the expected stuff about how they all dreamed of seeing Ender's Game on the big screen but never imagined they'd get to do it themselves, you know, the kind of post that makes sense for an introduction. But keep an eye over there to see what else they reveal over the course of productions, and to get a sense of how they're adapting Orson Scott Card's beloved novel. Ender's Game is set to come out March 15 next year.

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