2016 is set to be a big year Star Trek. It is celebrating its 50th anniversary, which means we’ll be seeing coverage of the franchise go where no one has gone before…probably. While the new TV series won’t arrive in time to celebrate this occasion, fans won’t be left empty handed, as the next movie Star Trek Beyond will be released in July. At this point, outside of what was seen in the teaser trailer, little is know about the plot. This includes what its villain Krall, played by Idris Elba, is up to, though presumably he’s responsible for the Enterprise crew being stranded on that mysterious planet. However, while contemplating Krall’s mysterious role, it does conjure memories of villains past.

With the 50th anniversary nearly upon us, we’ve decided to look back on Star Trek movie history and see how the previous major adversaries fared in their respective big screen adventures. With the exception of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (where the Enterprise crew members were simply victims of circumstance thanks to that whale probe), each Star Trek movie has had a unique big bad who has troubled the main characters. Some of them have been incredible, others have been forgettable, and there’s a lot of folks in between. Here is our rankings of all the main antagonists in the 12 Star Trek movies that have come out so far.

11. V’Ger
11. V’Ger
It’s hard to rank V’Ger on this list, given it wasn’t so much an antagonist as simply a re-purposed 20th century satellite trying to fulfill its original mission. It may have been a challenge for the Enterprise to go up against, but the fact that there was no way to defeat the thing, except for it to merge with another person, made for a dull conflict. While there were a few moments where V’Ger was terrifying, it was largely a villain of more flash than substance. Unstoppable forces usually don’t make for compelling bad guys, and that was especially the case in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. If V'ger was more like Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation and possessed some personality / a few limitations to its powers, we might have had some more respect for this boring baddie. 

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