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Star Trek: Voyager Actress Arrested For Exposing Herself To Children

People get arrested for all kinds of weird things on a daily basis, but it always seems that much more bizarre whenever it’s a recognizable celebrity on the wrong side of the law. In this case, it’s Star Trek: Voyager actress Jennifer Lien, who was arrested earlier this month for exposing herself to several children while in a dispute with a neighbor. Just another day in Harriman, Tennessee, I guess.

Lien, who played the alien Kes on Voyager, was apparently walking around her house on August 31 when she passed the house of her neighbor Kayla Clark, who was outside with her children, two of which were crying. Lien decided to offer her opinion on the situation, and that’s when things got weird and bare-skinned. Here’s how other neighbor Carey Smith put it, according to WATE.

[She] started saying vulgar things. I mean really vulgar things. I told her to mind her business and keep on walking. All of a sudden, here come the shirt up. She started flashing and, ‘Woo hoo,’ and I said, ‘And what respect is that for kids?’ There was none. And then she turned around and dropped her pants.

It’s at this point when Clark called 911, and though she initially denied to police that she’d exposed herself, they issued a detainer summons for an indecent exposure charge. On September 3, when officers arrived at Lien’s home, the found the front door wide open and Lien inside, nude on her couch (covered by a blanket) and apparently expecting them. After saying she wasn’t “going any-fucking-where” and refusing to put on clothes, Lien threatened the deputies that she would have them all shot and killed. WTF, right?

A female deputy was called in, and clothes from the jail were brought over. Lien was dressed in those, handcuffed, and when she refused to walk to the patrol car, the police had to carry her. She was charged with two counts of indecent exposure to children younger than 13, and her bond was set at $2,500.

Take a look at her mug shot in the tweet below.

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Lien is definitely best known for playing the telepathic and telekinetic Kes, a medical assistant with a shortened lifespan, for the first three seasons of Star Trek: Voyager. (Kes was written off the series during the second episode of Season 4, having become a threat to the rest of the characters.) The actress also starred in such series as the soap opera Another World and the short-lived ABC sitcom Phenom, but was also known for her voice work in shows such as The Critic, Superman, Duckman and the Men in Black animated series. She hasn’t acted in years, and was actually arrested in April of this year and charged with evading arrest, resisting arrest, reckless endangerment and aggravated assault. We’re certain that Robert Picardo’s Doctor wouldn’t approve.

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