Call me crazy, or at least stupidly optimistic, but I kinda think Taylor Lautner has what it takes to be an actual movie star. Yes the Twilight movies are ridiculous and require him to act like a big wolfy statue made of abs and piercing glares, but they turn everyone into bad actors, and every time you see Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson outside of that world they're actually kind of appealing. Lautner hasn't done much of anything beyond playing Jacob Black, so there's no actual evidence he can act just yet, but we'll be seeing it very soon-- a lot of it. Lautner, not even 19 years old, is in approximately a jillion movies between now and the apocalypse in 2012, and you are going to be really sick of seeing him well before then.

Deadline has a whole bunch of scoops on what he'll be up to once he finishes shooting Breaking Dawn this spring, and who might be joining him. First up is Incarceron, which brought Lautner on board last month and which Lautner will actually produce; right now they're looking for a female lead and eyeing Blake Lively (apparently up for every single major role these days), Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson. After that comes an unnamed spy thriller dubbed "The Bourne Identity for the next generation" (bet you didn't see that one coming), and based on the same Israeli Mossad agent who inspired Spielberg's Munich. Lautner is producing that one too. Go ahead, take a deep breath to let that sink in.

And even though he's booked for the rest of the year, Lautner is being courted by everyone from Michael Bay to Scott Stuber, who has the rights to the epic fantasy adventure Demon Wars and wants Lautner to star. At at some point he has to make the Stretch Armstrong movie he signed up for over a year ago, though all signs point to that one slowing down in development, possibly as Universal waits to see how their other big toy movie Battleship turns out. So, in conclusion, Taylor Lautner is everywhere, always, and even when the second installment of Breaking Dawn comes out and everyone moves on to swooning over some other teen hero, there will be plenty more Lautner movies to haunt us for years to come.

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