When it came to theaters in January, The Grey seemed a little too real. Yes, we were all unlikely to find ourselves fighting wolves like Liam Neeson does in the movie, especially given the mild winter most of us had, but I have to admit-- when I boarded a flight to the Sundance Film Festival later that month, I definitely had The Grey on the brain.

Now that it's spring with summer on the way, The Grey might even make for better watching, especially now that the word has gotten out that it's a far more thoughtful, dramatic, and well-acted movie than the trailers emphasizing wolf-punching would have you believe. And you can see a good example of that depth in this exclusive clip of an extended scene, which you can find on the Blu-ray that's on sale next Tuesday, May 15. Take a look below:

And here is the full list of bonus features you can find on the Blu-ray for The Grey, which we praised in our review for its "exciting ambition and the highest emotional stakes imaginable." Now, with summer finally approaching, it feels like the right time to revisit the snowy tundra of The Grey.

Feature Commentary with Co-Writer/Director Joe Carnahan and Editors Roger Barton and Jason Hellmann
Deleted Scenes

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