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In limited release this Friday, the thriller Brotherhood kicks off with what's usually a pretty ordinary thing: a fraternity hazing ritual. To prove their loyalty to the Sigma Zeta Chi fraternity, new pledges Adam (Trevor Morgan) and Kevin (Lou Taylor Pucci) are asked to hold up a convenience store, at gunpoint, to bring back exactly $19.10. But because Brotherhood is a thriller, you just know it's not going to be that easy.

We're premiering an exclusive new clip from the movie that shows exactly how complicated things can get when you walk into a convenience store with a gun, whether or not it's actually got bullets in it. Check out the clip below, from the movie that our Eric Eisenberg called in his review "a solid first-feature effort" from director Will Canon. You can see Brotherhood in Los Angeles and Dallas theaters right now, with future expansions planned in the coming weeks.

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