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By now you've probably noticed that it's Matthew McConaughey's world and we're just living in it. The actor once most famous for that time when he was playing bongos in the nude has staged a ferocious comeback this year, with Oscar buzz for his role in Magic Mike and a handful of other smaller films around that to prove just how much range he's got. One of those smaller films is Killer Joe an deputation of a play by the Pulitzer-winning Tracy Letts, in which McConaughey plays the title character-- a hit man who gets violently entwined in the life of a trailer park-dwelling Texas family.

The movie is unrepentantly violent, wild and often very funny, and the credit to that goes partly to McConaughey but mostly to director William Friedkin. The veteran behind The Exorcist and and The French Connection tackle the crazy town of Killer Joe like a pro, and in this exclusive clip from the film's upcoming Blu-ray, he talks about just how much his many decades of experience helped him find more spontaneity on the set. Take a look below.

Killer Joe is now available for digital download, and will hit shelves on Blu-ray and DVD on December 21, as both a regular DVD and an unrated cut. It might not exactly be perfect Christmas viewing for the entire family, but if you're looking for a story about a family that's even weirder than your own, Killer Joe ought to be your first step. At the very least, you get to catch up on the year of McConaughey, and see what might be his most charismatic and out-there role yet.

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