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If you want to see a movie about a woman becoming empowered but are scared off by the bad reviews for Sucker Punch, you're in luck. Also opening this Friday in limited release is Potiche, the French farce from director Francois Ozon that stars screen legend Catherine Deneuve as a housewife accustomed to being more of a trophy to her husband than her own person. When her husband is kidnapped by his own striking factory workers, though, she not only negotiates for his release but takes over the factory for herself, becoming aware for the first time of her own strength.

Potiche-- the title literally means "trophy wife"-- is garnering rave reviews that especially credit Deneuve for her performance, and she takes front and center in the clip from the film that we're exclusively debuting here. This scene is one of the first in the film, in which we meet Deneuve's character as a woman who loves both going on runs and all the creatures she encounters in the forest while she's out there-- including a pair of very randy rabbits. This clip may easily be the cutest thing you see all day, and as ever, Deneuve is the perfect example of how to age gracefully and with style. Check out the clip below, and see Potiche at your local art house theater this weekend.

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