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With Cars 2 taking Lightning McQueen and Mater on an adventure all around the world, the design team at Pixar has had a blast bringing an international flair to the movie's posters, highlighting the many locations of the World Grand Prix and the variety of cars we'll meet there. Today we're exclusively debuting three new posters for Cars 2, two of them highlighting Grand Prix locations Paris and Porto Corsa, and one of them a mock-up of a spy movie starring Lightning, Mater, and 'introducing Finn McMissile," the spy car voiced by Michael Caine. It features a car wearing a monocle. Yeah, you definitely want to check it out.

Take a look at all three posters below, and click on them for the mega-full-size versions in our Blend Film Database. Leave it to Pixar to not just change up the formula entirely for a sequel to their most financially successful film, but use it as an opportunity to cook up some of the most creative one-sheet posters we've seen all year. Cars 2 opens June 24.